The Dow Market Happenings For Friday, September 16, 2022 – Apple (AAPL) 152.37 Down -14.19% YTD

There are no Dow stocks hitting 52-week highs. Dow stock 52-week lows include Intel (INTC) 28.84 (-1.17%), Verizon (VZ) 41.03 (-0.61%) and Walgreens (WBA) 34.23 (-1.55%).

The Market

Premarket today, the Dow was indicated to open down -379 points.

Thursday the Dow closed down -173.27 (-0.56%) at 30,961.82.

Year-to-date the Dow is down -14.80%.

Thursday, (24) Dow stocks were up, (3) were at 52-week lows and none were at 52-week highs.

The Dow stock winners Thursday were led by UnitedHealth (UNH) 522.91 (+2.58%), JPMorgan (JPM) 117.87 (+1.51%) and Goldman Sachs (GS) 331.62 (+1.33%).

The Dow stock losers Thursday were led by Salesforce (CRM) 154.78 (-3.43%), Microsoft (MSFT) 245.38 (-2.71%) and Visa (V) 195.37 (-2.03%).

The 10 YR yield is currently at 3.440% and the VIX is at 26.27 (+0.42%).

Not looking good this morning.

Earlier this week, U.S. equities had their worst day since 2020 after August’s consumer price index report showed headline inflation edged up 0.1% on a monthly basis, despite a drop in gas prices. That indicated an increasingly difficult pathway for the Federal Reserve to bring down inflation. Traders will get consumer sentiment data at 10 a.m. ET Friday, but the three major averages look to notch their fourth losing week in five.

The White House has released a long-awaited framework on what cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. should look like. The direction from Washington includes how the financial services industry should evolve to make borderless transactions easier and how to crack down on fraud in the digital asset space. The framework follows an executive order issued in March, in which President Joe Biden called on federal agencies to examine the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies and issue official reports on their findings. One section of the White House’s new framework on crypto regulation focuses on eliminating illegal activity in the industry, and the measures proposed appear to have real teeth.

U.S. futures are lower, European stocks are lower and Asian markets ended mostly lower.

The national average price of gasoline is down six-tenths of a cent at $3.692 per gallon.

Latest Dow 30 Earnings Reports

There are no Dow 30 companies set to report earnings in the near term.

Today’s Featured Dow Stock

Apple (AAPL)

Apple (AAPL) 152.37 (-1.89%) is down -14.19% in 2022.

Financial Calendar

09:00 AM ET Retail Control (MoM) (Aug), 0.5%, 0.4%
10:00 AM ET Michigan 5-Year Inflation Expectations (Sep), 2.90%
10:00 AM ET Michigan Consumer Expectations (Sep), 59.7, 58.0
10:00 AM ET Michigan Consumer Sentiment (Sep), 60.0, 58.2
10:00 AM ET Michigan Current Conditions (Sep), 60.8, 58.6
10:00 AM ET Michigan Inflation Expectations (Sep), 4.8%
13:00 PM ET U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count, 591
13:00 PM ET U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count, 759
15:30 PM ET CFTC Aluminium speculative net positions, 6.5K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Copper speculative net positions, -24.0K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Corn speculative net positions, 286.5K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Crude Oil speculative net positions, 214.5K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Gold speculative net positions, 103.9K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Nasdaq 100 speculative net positions, 22.0K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Natural Gas speculative net positions, -138.6K
15:30 PM ET CFTC S&P 500 speculative net positions, -238.7K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Silver speculative net positions, -12.8K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Soybeans speculative net positions, 81.3K
15:30 PM ET CFTC Wheat speculative net positions, -9.8K
16:00 PM ET US Foreign Buying, T-bonds (Jul), 58.90B
16:00 PM ET Overall Net Capital Flow (Jul), 22.10B
16:00 PM ET TIC Net Long-Term Transactions (Jul), 121.6B, 121.8B
16:00 PM ET TIC Net Long-Term Transactions including Swaps (Jul), 132.00B

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