DJIA Market Close For Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, the Dow closed down a hair, nearly unchanged (-0.08 points) at 14,865.06.

Dow stocks at 52 week highs include DIS, HD, MCD, PFE, PG, TRV, VZ and WMT. There are no Dow 52 week lows.

There were 12 Dow stocks higher led by HD +2.39%, MCD +1.57%, WMT +0.995, VZ, PG, JNJ, BA, TR, T, PFE, HPQ and UNH.

Dow stock losers were led by AA -1.2%, DD -0.93% and CVX -0.84%

So far this quarter we’ve only heard from AA and JPM on earnings. That leaves 28 to go.

Did you know that there are 10 Dow stocks that yield 3% or more? From the top we have T (4.66% yield), INTC, VZ, MRK, DD, GE, MSFT, CSCO, PFE and CVX (3% yield).

For the week DJIA was up +2.1%, Nasdaq +2.8%, S&P 500 +2.3% and Russell 2000 +2.1%.

Year-to-date DJIA is up +13.4%, Nasdaq +9.1%, S&P 500 +11.4% and Russell 2000 +11%. The Dow is leading the way higher.

Now the question I want an answer to is “Where do we go now?, and when it will begin. You know we have to have a pullback sometime.

Personally, I’ve already sold into some recent highs and am now at 50% cash. My long term holdings are in the mutual funds PSVIX and ODVYX. The emerging markets fund ODVYX has faired the worst this year and is also the most volatile even though PSVIX is a small cap fund. My thoughts are to put most money back into ODVYX when the time comes. The time hasn’t come yet though.

So I’ve heard that you need General Electric to participate in a rally to make it last.

General Electric (GE).

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