DJIA Market Close For Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dow closed up +53.91 (+0.39%) at 14,035.67.

So far this year I’m up nearly 5% in my little group of equities. It should be over 7% but I have a laggard in Emerging Markets. I think I’ve wrote this before, that my goal is 20% per year. Today I checked the numbers for last year and it was almost 19% for the December 2011 to December 2012 statements.

Now to get that 20% I usually either have to catch a pullback or partake in a little inverse fund action. The worst part is the market never really tells me what it is going to do in an easy to understand form or time frame.

Today we had 22 Dow stocks up led by CSCO +2.24%, GE +1.98%, MRK +1.93%, PFE +1.54% and BAC +1.33%.

Dow losers were AA -2.79%, UNH -1.15%, WMT +0.78% (reports earnings Thursday), BA, IBM, INTC, MCD and CAT.

I guess this was the 33rd straight day of rising gasoline. This morning I said it was 3,2 so I was wrong. Whatever, gasoline is up more than 10% this month.

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