DJIA Market Close for Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dow added +103.16 (+0.81%) to 12,908.70.

Todays Dow advance was somehow, led by Intel (INTC), up 3.27%. The Dow had 23 winners, 6 losers and 1 unchanged (DIS).

Losers were led by none other than Bank of America (BAC). The other Dow financials, AXP and JPM were also losers today.

I am starting to think this rally may have legs. That said, we will probably get stomped tomorrow on some news in a faraway land.

Todays earnings reports:

AXP, $1.15 / $1.10 est , rev $1.34 billion, up +0.6% over year ago
BAC, $0.19 / $0.15 est
IBM, $3.51 / $3.43 est

I just want to say I’m sorry about no morning post, I was having malware problems. Actually, I’m still having malware problems with my HP system and had to switch over to my Mac.

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