DJIA / Market Close for Week Ending Friday, March 23, 2012

The Dow closed up +34.59 (+0.27%) at 13,080.73. The Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 all closed higher today.

Nineteen of thirty Dow stocks closed up, led by HPQ (+2.61%), BAC, CAT, JPM, MRK, AA and CVX. That makes for eleven losers led by VZ (-0.61%), T, GE, UTX, HD and MCD.

I have this list of 9 Refiners. Yesterday they were all down. Today, they are all up.

Now with the stats. For the week, DJIA was down -1.1%, Nasdaq +0.4%,S&P 500 -0.5% and Russell 2000 -0.0% (-$0.15).

Year-to-date, DJIA is up +7.1%, Nasdaq +17.8%, S&P 500 +11.1% and Russell 2000 +12.0%.

Year-to-date, PSVIX is +7.02% and ODVYX is up +13.94%.

Euro stocks ended mixed and Asian markets ended lower.

Today, watching the Russell 2000, it headed down near the open and then spent the rest of the day headed higher. Personally, I want a pullback to reposition some more money into ODVYX. The last few days I’ve heard several “market pundits” talk about pullbacks, and you know what that means? The market is going to rocket higher. Right now we have about 4 weeks until earnings get going full force. Perfect for a pullback.

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