DJIA / Market Close for Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Dow gained 33.07 (+0.26%) to close at 12,878.20.

Guess what? Greek progress is postponed. Again!

In Athens more than 20,000 protesters marched through the Greek capital and unions called for a general strike.

Without new debt deals, Greece will face a disastrous default in late March.

Leading Dow stock gainers today were MCD and DIS (Fast food and entertainment) while the big losers were BAC and JPM (Banks).

So, what do you think, are banks overbought?

Disney (DIS) reported earnings today after the close with shares rising 1.29% to $40.98. The company reported its first-quarter net income was $1.46 billion, or 80 cents a share, on $10.8 billion in revenue. Net income increased 12% from the year-ago. Revenue was up 1% over the year ago number and earnings per share rose 18%.

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