Cramers Mad Money Stocks 01/06/09

Cramer Highlights

  • Cramer said – Global capitalism just might be saved by Chinese communism.
  • China’s economic stimulus plans could lead the whole world out of its financial woes.
  • The Chinese are pulling out all of the stops by doing everything in their power to create jobs and save their economy.
  • The reason why – Necessity.
  • Chinese communists cannot afford the country’s economy to get any worse without risking widespread protests and civil unrest.
  • To keep power, they must get the economy back on track fast.
  • The Chinese have cut interest rates five times in efforts to stimulate growth.
  • They have announced over $600 billion in stimulus packages, including a $40 billion telecom package to upgrade the country’s infrastructure.
  • A plan which should be a win for QCOM* – Qualcomm.
  • Why do these moves in China matter?
  • Because the trend is the only bullish thesis our markets can rally around,said Cramer.
  • This catalyst has resulted in a huge rotation out of names like MRK – Merck and MCD* – McDonald’s, and into names like BHP – BHP Billiton, JOYG – Joy Global, ETN* – Eaton and FCX* – Freeport McMoran.
  • Cramer said, “The Chinese are giving us a reason to like the stocks that need a strong economy to work”.

Here’s the list of stocks from Cramer’s Mad Money Show for Tuesday, January 06, 2009.

Note: Dow stocks mentioned tonight: None tonight!

Thumbs up for these stocks………….
CPRT – Copart Inc. $28.18
ECOL – American Ecology $20.09
HIG – Hartford Financial Services $19.68
TRV – The Travelers $43.17
WFC – Wells Fargo $14.86

Thumbs down for these stocks………..
GT – Goodyear Tire $7.51
ISIS – ISIS Pharmaceuticals $14.86


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