Cramers Mad Money Stocks 11/26/08

Cramer Highlights

  • How to Play Defense in a Tough Market.
  • It’s important to learn how to limit your losses.
  • Rules to help investors play the markets defensively and avoid big losses.
  • Stay Diversified. Diversification is the only free lunch in investing.
  • Do not have more than 20% of your portfolio in any sector.
  • Avoid having “two-of-a-kind” at all costs.
  • Investors lost fortunes in the past when they sank all their money in hot stocks of the day like dot.coms, telcos and energy merchandisers (Remember Enron).
  • Buy and sell slowly.
  • Never buy or sell a position all at once.
  • Instead, buy into a position slowly,
  • Take advantage of weakness, and take profits on the way up.
  • Your first loss is your best loss. “If your thesis on a stock changes, take the loss and sell,”
  • Don’t let a trade turn into an investment by being afraid to sell.
  • If the reason you bought a stock is no longer valid, you have to sell it.
  • Dividends limit losses. Look for stocks that consistently grow their dividends year after year.
  • As a stock’s yield increases, it attracts new investors and helps limit the downside risk.
  • You need only ask yourself, “Is the dividend safe?”
  • It’s always good to have some cash. Professional investors always have cash on hand.
  • Cash is a tool that should be used to buy quality companies after big market sell-offs.
  • Don’t own too many volatile stocks.
  • More than one volatile stock in a portfolio is not being diversified.
  • Be honest and ask yourself if you can handle the wild price swings before investing in a volatile stock.

Here’s the list of stocks from Cramer’s Mad Money Show for Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

Note: Dow stocks mentioned tonight: Thumbs up for HPQ!

Thumbs up for these stocks………….
BGC – General Cable $14.91 (up 27.44% today)
HON – Honeywell International $27.07
HPQ* – Hewlett Packard $35.21
NUE – Nucor $34.90
RPM – RPM International $12.26
X – United States Steel $29.90

Thumbs down for these stocks………..
EK – Eastman Kodak $7.71
NKE – Nike $53.25
STLD – Steel Dynamics $8.29 (up 10.83% today)


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