Cramers Mad Money Stocks 11/14/08

Cramer Highlights

  • We can’t afford a General Motors crash.
  • What would the economy look like if the government allows GM – General Motors to fail?
  • Its no secret GM is borrowing billions of dollars that it cannot repay.
  • Its no secret things at the company are getting worse by the day.
  • The economic consequences of a GM failure would be staggering.
  • GM (and its suppliers) employ millions of Americans.
  • If GM failed the resulting mass surge in unemployment would be felt immediately by the 2/3 of the U.S. economy that depends on consumer spending.
  • Cramer predicts another 2,000-point drop in the Dow if GM is allowed to fail.
  • Cramer believes a GM failure would have double the impact of the Lehman Brothers collapse.
  • Cramer’s not sure what the Federal Government will do in General Motors situation.
  • Cramer sees two options for investors: sit on the sidelines and wait, or sell ahead of the news.
  • Cramer believes investors simply shouldn’t buy into the markets unless they’re sure GM will be saved.
  • Cramer would only be a bull if GM is saved.
  • If GM fails he would be a buyer after his predicted 2,000 point freefall in the DJIA.

Here’s the list of stocks from Cramer’s Mad Money Show for Friday, November 14, 2008.

Note: Dow stocks mentioned tonight: Only GM and he gave no buy or sell on it.

Thumbs up for these stocks………….
DUK – Duke Energy
KMP – Kinder Morgan Energy
LPS – Lender Processing
NAT – Nordic American Tanker

Thumbs down for these stocks………..
FPL – F P L Group
MGM – MGM Mirage
NRGY – Inergy
STI – Suntrust Banks
TK – Teekay Corp.


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