Cramer’s Thoughts on the Dow Changes

Well, he doesn’t agree with removing HON but does agree that MO was splitting the company and had to go. Additionally he also thinks they had a great opportuity not to add another financial but to drop one. That would be to drop AIG. He really thinks we do not need a hard-to-understand financial like BAC and we do need AIG out.

So he goes on to say if anyone at Dow Jones had really wanted to make the Dow more relevant they would have dropped AIG and added GOOG. That would be cool, GOOG as DJIA stock.

Cramer also thinks it is time to dump PFE. Replace PFE with a sector thats actually growing like Agriculture in the form of MON or DE.

Then Cramer goes on to say that since the Dow has both VZ and T why not replace VZ with say CSCO.

But you know what, I bet we only get what they have announced.

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