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Market Happenings For Thursday, December 06, 2012

Premarket, futures are down a bit. Gainers this morning include COST (+5.70%), NFLX, FMC, SCHW and LUK while losers include FCX (-2.30%), MU, SNI, CTSH and DIS. The Market The fiscal cliff is still the problem with the market. Geithner says they are absolutely ready to go over the cliff. What do you do? Sell [...]

Market Happenings for Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pre-market, futures are down with investors focusing on Greece and all their problems. Gainers this morning include AKAM (+12.80%), V, FMC, TDC and WU while losers include TRIP (-9.54%), EA, WDC, ORLY and THC. At this hour light crude is up +0.64% at 99.34 and gold is up +0.13% at 1,733.60. The Market Greek officials [...]

Market Happenings for Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Pre-market, futures are down hard after Greece’s prime minister called an unexpected public referendum to approve Europe’s bailout deal. Gainers this morning include ALL, SYY and FMC. Losers include BHI, X, BAC, ANR and CCL. Light crude is down -3.04% at 90.36 and gold is down -2.13% at 1,688.50. U.S. Stock News December S&Ps this [...]