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Draghi Speaks: Market Happenings for Thursday, August 02, 2012

Premarket, futures are down as Draghi speaks. Gainers this morning include FSLR (+19.26%), GILD, TDC, GPS and TSO while losers include ANF (-13.26%), SEE, ECL, BMY and DTV. The Market So far it looks like I should have went to all cash on Tuesday and my coin flip lost. Draghi is speaking as I write [...]

Market Happenings for Monday, May 07, 2012

Pre-market, futures are down on more troubles in Europe. Gainers this morning include TJX (+3.02%), TSN, ECL, FTR and APC while losers include CTSH (-11.14%), STZ, AIG, GNW and WU. The Market Markets are down today after Socialist Francois Hollande defeated president Nicolas Sarkozy, leaving investors worried about the future of austerity throughout Europe. Hollande [...]

Market Happenings for Thursday, December 01, 2011

Pre-market, futures are close to unchanged as investors took a breather following the Dow’s biggest gains since 2009. My mutual fund, PSVIX, a small cap (Russell 2000) fund, was up almost 5%. Gainers this morning include YHOO, LTD, KR, XRX and BRCM while losers include KSS, QCOM, ECL, KLAC and DRI. Light crude is down [...]