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Market Happenings For Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Premarket, futures are up, but near unchanged. Gainers this morning include BIG (+7.70%), NFLX, AMD, DELL and NVDA while losers include DRI (-9.16%), PCS, CMS, VRSN and RAI. The Market Last week, President Obama outlined a proposal that called for $1.6 trillion in new taxes, among other things. Yesterday republicans issued a counter-proposal that included [...]

Market Happenings for Thursday, August 23, 2012

Premarket, futures are down. Gainers this morning include BBY, HRL, FSLR, FII and STI while losers include BIG, PDCO, HPQ, JOY and MOS. The Market The FOMC minutes revealed yesterday that more members were inclined toward further quantitative easing at the August 1 meeting than at previous meetings but not a majority of votes for [...]

Market Happenings for Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Premarket, futures are down as investors worry about Greece leaving the eurozone and a slowdown in Asian economies. Gainers this morning include HRL (+2.77%), TER, SBUX, F and FTR while losers include DELL (-13.79%), ADBE, BIG, ADI and TIE. The Market European leaders will meet today in an ad hoc summit to address the latest [...]