DJIA: Still In Limbo

Yes, let’s do the Limbo!

Looking at the charts, DIA is foundering, with the 9SMA line below the 30EMA and price just above the 30 EMA. Hence the Limbo.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq look similar. The Russell 2000 looks to be in worse shape, with price below the 30EMA line.

The index I watch, as I trade TNA and TZA is the Russell 2000. It’s in its 12th day of this decline.

The two mutual funds I use are PSVIX (Smallcap Value) and ODVYX (Emerging Markets). To gauge their performance I use the Russell 2000 for PSVIX and EDC (Direxion Emerging Markets 3XETF) for ODVYX. EDC has been in a slow bleed type of decline since March 5, marking its 33rd day in a down trend.

When will I get back in? Whenever either 30EMA line perks upwards and price is back above it, that’s when.

Direxion Emerging Markets Bull 3X

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