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DJIA / Market Close for Monday, April 30, 2012

And so we end this years worst month (so far anyway). Goodby April, hello May. May you be a better month, or a much worst month. I don’t care, as I am prepared to go long again or sit out awhile longer. Its all up to the market, and the numbers it produces. The Dow [...]

Market Happenings for Monday, April 30, 2012

Pre-market, futures are down a bit ahead of data on U.S. personal income and spending. Gainers this morning include SUN, HAR, WPI, COG and SHLD while losers include HUM, VRSN, SVU, SLE and AVP. The Market Not much going on this morning. There was a little news on Microsoft and Barnes & Noble. Barnes & [...]

Jim Cramer’s Current Charitable Trust Portfolio (04/27/2012)

Stocks in Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust Portfolio total 31 positions currently. Dow Jones Industrial stocks in Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust Portfolio include: AXP, BA, DD, GE, IBM, JPM and KFT. They are identified in the list below by [DJIA]. The current highest yielding stocks in the portfolio are ETP (+7.46%), COP (+3.67%) and GE (+3.44%). [...]