The Rally Fades….

About time! I’m hoping for more of a pullback in prices. I know, it probably won’t happen right now because I want it.

I’ve got cash that I want to put to work, only at lower prices. I watch the Russell 2000 and that chart would look so much better if price would pullback and bounce off the 50 ma line.

Well, the Dow ended up +16.42 (+0.12%) at 13,194.10. The Nasdaq also finished up, but the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 both finished down (good for them).

The Dow stocks had 13 of 30 stocks up with the banks, BAC (+4.12%) and AXP (+3.50%) up big.

DIS, XOM, HPQ, CAT and KFT were the worst DJIA performers all down more than -0.9%

Apple, Inc. added another 20+ points on its march to $600, hitting another new all-time high today. It finished at $589.58.

JPMorgan (JPM) shares rose today
after the bank announced plans yesterday to hike its dividend and buy back stock.

Asian markets and Euro stocks all ended mixed.

Finally, the national gas price average rose to $3.811 per gallon. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I paid $3.99/Gal at Costco.

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