Flash Crash In Bonds, Gold and Silver?

We’re down, we’re up, we’re down. What a choppy day! We even had a mini flash crash (sort of) in bonds, gold and silver. Happy days are here again though. You know Ben Bernanke will save us all, from something. Not sure what.

The Dow closed down -53.05 (-0.41%) at 12,952.07.

Coca Cola (KO) and Home Depot (HD) were the big Dow stock winners while Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Alcoa (AA) were the big losers.

Nine out of 30 Dow stocks were up today.

Today the price of crude was down and gas prices were up. I paid $3.92 a gallon at the Costco in Gig Harbor, WA today.

European stocks and Asian markets all closed mixed.

Tomorrow before the open, notable stocks expected to report earnings include CAS, AIXG, ARQL, BRLI, CNSL, DIN, HEES, SNAK, JRCC, KCP, KR, MSO, MCGC, MEI, MDS, NAFC, ORN, PETD, PRFT, PRIM, RNO, SNMX, TD, VNR and WRI.

It’s also the first day of March.

Looking at February numbers, the Russell 2000 was up +2.2% while the Dow was up +2.5%.

Year-to-date, DJIA is up +6%.

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