Dow 14,000

Well, now that the Dow has closed above 13, 000 for the first time in years. It must be time to set a new Dow target, and 14,000 seems logical. If investors and fund managers could just lose their minds for ten days and buy, buy buy (a Cramerism) to the tune of 100 points a day. We’d be there.

Today, the Dow closed up +23..61 (+0.18%) at 13,005.12. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 closed higher, but the Russell 2000 closed lower.

All I see is a market trading flat this past month. What I need is a trend, either up or down. I’m bored with this flatness

Euro stocks and Asian markets all ended higher.

Nine of the Dow 30 stocks closed down today. Big gainers were MSFT, INTC and JNJ.

Tomorrow before the open, notable stocks expected to report earnings include AH, AYR, AMRC, CRI, CNP, CEDC, COST, DRH, END, FCH, GPX, HPT, INXN, ISIS, ITT, JOY, LIZ, MHR, NOG, NXTM, OXF, PNM, RRMS, SFE, SODA, SPRD, SPLS, STWD, WFT, and YGE.

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