DJIA / Market Close for Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hello February, and thank you for the +1.68% added to my accounts. That said, I started going to cash today to the tune of 15%+ so far. Hope to get to 50% cash during the dip I expect to come. Then, buy the dip. But you know, no one knows the actual outcomes. That’s investing.

The Dow closed today up +83.55 (+0.66%) at 12,716.46.

CVX, JNJ and MCD were the only Dow 30 losers today.

The top gainer was none other than Bank of America (BAC).

The worst loser was McDonald’s (MCD).

Facebook files for an IPO.

Nuff said about that.

Merck (MRK) reports earnings tomorrow before the market opens.

KO, CSCO, KFT and DIS all report next week.

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