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Flash Crash In Bonds, Gold and Silver?

We’re down, we’re up, we’re down. What a choppy day! We even had a mini flash crash (sort of) in bonds, gold and silver. Happy days are here again though. You know Ben Bernanke will save us all, from something. Not sure what. The Dow closed down -53.05 (-0.41%) at 12,952.07. Coca Cola (KO) and [...]

Market Happenings for Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let’s celebrate leap day with a push higher. Pre-market, futures are up after the European Central Bank said it well lend €529.5 billion ($721.4 billion) to European banks to hopefully prevent a credit crunch. Gainers this morning include XRX, MU, WDC, KLAC and WYNN while losers include NEE, FSLR, GPS, PCS and MRO. The Market [...]

Dow 14,000

Well, now that the Dow has closed above 13, 000 for the first time in years. It must be time to set a new Dow target, and 14,000 seems logical. If investors and fund managers could just lose their minds for ten days and buy, buy buy (a Cramerism) to the tune of 100 points [...]