DJIA / Market Close for Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, January is finished.

The Nasdaq rose +8% in January, S&P 500 +3.4% and the Dow +4.4%.

Unlike 2011, there have not been big drops and pops for stocks in general. In 2011, it was a ritual.

The Dow lost -20.81 (-0.16%) to close at 12.632.91. The S&P 500 was down a bit while Nasdaq and Russell 2000 were up a bit.

Leading Dow stock winners today were AXP (+2.08%), UTX (+0.95%), BAC (+0.85%) and JPM (+0.78). Looks like the banks were leading the charge.

The Dow losers included XOM (-0.05%), MRK (-1.59%), AA (-1.55%), INTC (-1.20%) and CAT (-1.17%).

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