DJIA / Market Close for Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow, a losing day. I did not like it. I did not, I did not. Now tomorrow must be a winning day. Oh yeh, oh yeh. Not very good prose, would you say?

The Dow lost -11.66 (-0.09%) to close at 12,708.82.

The Nasdaq was down, S&P 500 up a hair and Russell 2000 was down too.

Guess what year-leading Dow stock was up today? Yes it was none other than Bank of America (BAC) blazing higher today by +2.55%.

The gainers in order of most winningest (not really a word) gains first were BAC, HPQ, INTC, HD, JPM, AA, IBM, CAT, KO, UTX, CVX and MSFT.

Losers in the order of most losingest (again, not really a word) of losers were TRV, PG, VZ, AXP, MRK, GE, PFE, MCD, KFT, CSCO, JNJ, T, WMT, DIS, DD, MMM, XOM and BA.

Remember, DD, JNJ, MCD, TRV and VZ report earnings tomorrow (1/24/2012). By the way, all five traded lower today.

See all the Dow 30 earnings report dates and results here.

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