DJIA / Market Close for Monday, June 27, 2011

After the close…

We have NKE up +4.3% following their earnings report.

So we got a little upwards movement in advance of a pivotal vote by Greece’s parliament tomorrow.

After the close, notable stocks reporting earnings include NKE and SMSC.

Futures are higher after hours with S&P 500 futures up +3.06 from fair value of 1274.64 and Nasdaq 100 futures +4.50 from fair value of 2248.20.

Tomorrow before the open, there are no economic reports scheduled to be released and there are no notable stocks expected to report earnings.

PSVIX was up +0.39% today bringing it to +4.50% gain year-to-date, but still down from the +11% gain it had on April 29, 2011. I sold some on the way down, but should have sold more. I have put all money back to work near the recent lows. Will sell all if we start back sliding though.

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