Cramers Mad Money Stocks 01/20/09

Cramer Highlights

  • Cramer said, “The market speaks in many tongues, but the message was clear when it said things are ugly.”
  • There were four sectors where the market spoke loudly.
  • Cramer said the wholesale slaughter of every bank stock could not have been more vicious.
  • Even the good banks that don’t need government assistance could not escape the carnage.
  • Cramer said this move told him that the markets simply have no faith in any of these names.
  • Cramer said the selling was overdone, but will remain that way for the foreseeable future.
  • The oil stocks were another sector where the message was loud and clear.
  • The oil stocks told Cramer that they are predicting the economy to remain in free fall.
  • Yes, demand is lower across the board, but so is production.
  • So if prices are still plummeting, the markets are predicting huge worldwide unemployment.
  • Gold and tobacco stocks are also talking.
  • Gold is a hedge against inflation and uncertainty, two things the market is still fearing.
  • Tobacco, on the other hand, is the anti-Obama play, said Cramer.
  • If tobacco is trading higher, it means the markets does not have faith that his stimulus plan will work.
  • Cramer said, “People are hiding, and it’s scary.”

Here’s the list of stocks from Cramer’s Mad Money Show for Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

Note: Dow stocks mentioned tonight: None tonight!

Thumbs up for these stocks………….
NGG – National Grid $44.86
PAYX – Paychex $24.68

Thumbs down for these stocks………..
AGO – Assured Guaranty $8.09 (down -18.69% today)
LYG – Lloyds TSB Group $2.61 (down -57.90% today)
MON – Monsanto $75.85
WTW – Weight Watchers International $24.91


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