September 14, 1929 Changes to DJI

Between July 24, 1929 and September 14, 1929 the following changes occurred:

July 24, 1929- Postum Incorporated name changed to General Foods
September 14, 1929- Curtiss-Wright replaced Wright Aeronautical.

Note – The stocks listed below are the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average when the market crashed on October 29th, 1929.

Allied Chemical
American Can
American Smelting
American Sugar
American Tobacco B
Atlantic Refining
Bethlehem Steel
General Electric Company
General Foods
General Motors Corporation
General Railway Signal
International Harvester
International Nickel
Mack Truck
Nash Motors
North American
Paramount Publix
Radio Corporation
Sears Roebuck & Company
Standard Oil (N.J.)
Texas Company
Texas Gulf Sulphur
Union Carbide
U.S. Steel
National Cash Register
Westinghouse Electric

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